Maine Voting Information


This website is a directory of voter information that is available on the Internet. One could consider this site to be a library card catalog where the books are identified by their place on the library shelves. The buttons are the general categories of this information.







Maine voters have one of the largest, if not the largest, voter turnout ratios in the United States. This Web site seeks to improve the quality of this excellent voting record by recommending greater use of absentee ballots, encouraging more split ballots, providing more insight into the major political issues, providing greater access to information about the candidates, and making suggestions to enable the best qualified candidates to be elected.

What can the Maine voter do to improve the results of elections? Although a little difficult to perform, one suggestion is depicted in the following image:


There are more cartoons here

The Internet is a very good vehicle to ease the flow of information to the voters of Maine. The URL links in this Web site simplify Maine voters' access to this abundance of information. Hopefully, more Maine voters will use this information to make more informed voting decisions even if their decisions would not have been changed.

We want to augment the League of Women Voters efforts to get out the votes by making it easier for the voter to meet the expectations of our founding fathers, that is, being an informed voter.

We tried very hard to be non-partisan in our efforts to gather the information we are presenting. If you feel we are falling short of our objective, please email us to express your concerns and suggestions. We want this site to be helpful to all Maine voters regardless of their party affiliation.

Thank you for your participation in this effort.